Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blog Roll Amnesty Day

Gotta love internet holidays right?

Fortunately I have about 20 more minutes to get this in before I'm late (whew, made it with 5 minutes to spare). I am not a deeply read blogger by far yet, but I have a few that I follow daily (and some I even respect ;) ), and this is a good excuse to get me off of my rear about updating my blogroll.

Of course, first there is my beautiful, brilliant wife over in the State of Discontent. I have a couple local friends that inspired me to join up - Trip Down the Rabbit Hole, and more recently found TomKro. No blog roll would be complete without my favorite antagonist BAC at Yikes. We may not always agree on how a political campaign should go, but she has a great insight on many topics and is someone I have great respect for. Thanks to her blog I have also been pointed at some other great political bloggers Dr. Zaius of Zaius Nation and GMB of I Can't Believe It's Not a Democracy. One blogger from the other end of the aisle that I enjoy reading regularly, although she hasn't blogged much recently since Thompson's drop out, is Freeman Hunt. To finish out my regular reads I have Worth the Lack of Sleep, Teller of Truths, and Beyond Satire.

Thank you guys all for always giving me something new to think about.

As a quick note, I do not use SiteMeter or any other tracking tool on my blog, due to the fact that as a rule I block most JavaScript and cookies and so would would be pretty hypocritical to expect others to not do so on my site. As such, I don't see incoming links except on sites I already read. I will add you though if you leave a comment or throw me an email with a link to your blog.


Dr. Zaius said...

Huckabee says, "Blogrolls are stealing our jobs - No amnesty for blogrolls!"

BAC said...

Thanks for the link! Maybe when I'm well again, I will be a little less cranky.


Singleton said...

In honor of Blogroll Amnesty Day I have added your blog link to my blogroll at Please link mine to yours in return. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at Thank you!

Rob Singleton