Friday, December 14, 2007

Freedom of the Press blogs

Two judiciary committee members sent an opinion piece to several leading major newspapers. Among the papers approached were the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Miami Herald. None of these publications opted to print it.

Why? Because it was the justification for proceeding with hearings on the impeachment of Richard Chaney. It appears that corporate media is afraid to talk about such proceedings in anything but disparaging tones.

Oh, but I'm sure there's nothing serious going on. Just because the corporate owners of these publications are making money hand over fist because of initiatives this president and VP have pushed through wouldn't influence them. And I'm sure Chaney wouldn't threaten to cut off access to these newspapers' reporters, right? And anyway, these corporate interests wouldn't influence the newspapers' editorial boards.

Anyway, since the "mainstream" media doesn't have the guts to talk about this, at least we now have a way to share this information outside of them. Thank you Common Dreams for reporting on it and thank you to GMB for sharing it further. Please, any readers (the 1-2 of you out there) reading this, share this with your friends too.

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