Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let's help kick him out

I mentioned before that Robert Wexler (and two other members of the judiciary committee) appeared to be censored by major media outlets when explaining why they are calling for Cheney's impeachment. Wexler has already gotten 100,000 people to sign his petition and he needs more. His goal now is 250,000 signatures. Please sign up at and add your voice.

Let us remove the man who:

*whose wholly owned subsidiary, KBR, is implicated in a rape case brought by a female American employee (If this is true, I don't even want to know what they do to the Iraqi female employees...).


Benticore said...

I dont want to see Cheney just kicked out, serve a year in a white collar prison, and then get a cushy job as a 3-work-hours/month advisor to some investment firm or bank.

I want that dude to serve hard time, along with Bush, and Rummy, as well as have their assets fully investigated and redistributed.

I guess this might be the only thing we can get but damn does it feel less than satisfying. And there haven't even been charges brought to him yet!

(ps. I like the blog and I'll have to dig into the older posts. The wife just pointed me this way today.)

John J. said...

One step at a time. The legal system can't do anything to him until he loses executive privilege. Really, we need to get him and duh-buh-yuh out too, so he can't throw any of his pardons at Cheney.