Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Almost right.

Ok, about three weeks ago I predicted that if the Fed lowered the interest rate we would see $100 a barrel oil. It looks like I was not quite right. Between a rise in inventories and Saudi Arabia hinting that the would ignore OPEC and send out more oil, futures had dropped to the mid $80s. I was about to be happily wrong.

That all changed today. According to Yahoo, oil has broken the $100 barrier. It did take a week and a half longer than I had expected, so I guess James Randi can keep his million for now...


Moishe3rd said...

Just playing "next blog" on blogger and yours came up - English; not sex; and about politics, all rare occurrences on the next blogger game.
I have no real thoughts on your writing, just a curious query. As a fellow who lists "Lord of the Rings" as the first of his favorite books and goes on to list science fiction as his further favorites (which indicates similar tastes in reading to mine), why do your politics seem to drift left of center or at least of the more pessimistic sort, rather than a more "worldly" based view that might deal with the concepts of Good and Evil and the historical bases of our world today?
Do you delegate the concepts of "Good and Evil" to fantasy and disallow their application to the "real" world? Or is there something else going on?
I am curious.


John J. said...

No, I am more of a pragmatist with lofty goals.

Politically, the current climate is so vitriolic that I am pretty pessimistic about whats going on. Hopefully that will change in the next 12 and a half months, but I haven't delved into primary politics on this blog because there is so much to cover at the moment I don't believe I could do it justice yet.

As for why I haven't gone deep into the larger picture things that would require me to go into the historic roots of things, I have been busy writing about things happening immediately that have their roots largely in the last 6-10 years.

Good and evil are very complicated, especially when it comes to human actions. Books like LotR oversimplify the good/evil question and are good guideposts for one's life, but there isn't a Gandalf or Sauron to decide between in the real world.