Sunday, January 13, 2008

Break Down of the Issues - Part 1

Foreign Policy

In this and a series of post following (Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7) I will attempt to detail each leading Democratic candidate's position on a number of topics. For all of the information, I am pulling directly from each candidate's website (where information is available) and links will be provided to the relevant page. Where information is not available, I will pull information from recent (within the past few months) legislative action or speeches made by the candidates.

Hillary Clinton John Edwards Barack Obama
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Troop Involvement
  • Work with Joint Chiefs of Staff to determine troop draw down rate
  • Start pullout within 60 days
  • Some troops left (unclear where) to deal with Al-Qaeda
  • 40,000 to 50,000 troops removed immediately
  • 100% (almost, see below) withdrawn by January 2010
  • 3,000 to 5,000 left to protect US embassy and humanitarian workers
  • Withdraw 1 to 2 brigades (1,500 to 7,000 troops) removed per month
  • 100% (from Iraq, see below) by mid 2010
  • No permanent bases in Iraq
  • Some special forces troops left in Middle East to target Al-Qaeda
Diplomatic Efforts
  • Form coalition of our allies, other global powers, and Iraq's neighbors to:
    • Keep Iraq's neighbors from interfering with the Iraq civil war
    • Work with the UN to mediate between the Iraqi factions
    • Collect money to rebuild Iraq
  • Bring all involved nations together to stop sectarian violence
  • Convene a regional peace conference
  • Press Iraqi leaders to work together by showing we aren't going to stay
  • Work through the UN to secure agreements on Iraqi federalism and oil revenue sharing
  • Work with Iraq's neighbors to secure the borders, reconcile Iraqi factions, and fund rebuilding
  • Fund unspecified agencies to stabilize and rebuild.
  • Get money from the UN to help Iraqi refugees
  • "Clarify the Lack of Legal Foundation for the War" (to Congress)
  • Form an international group to get $2 billion to help countries in the region handle the millions of Iraqi refugees and protect them in Iraq.
  • No specific information on her site
  • Most direct references on the site only deal with Iranian leaders' anti-semitic comments
  • Recently supported a bill to declare the Iranian National Guard a terrorist organization
  • Link
  • Speak directly to Iran's leaders while working with a multi-national coalition
  • Increase threat of targeted sanctions
  • Offer incentives to start open talks
  • Direct talks with Russia and China to increase their pressure on Iran
  • Link
  • Condemns Iran's leadership's anti-semitic stance
  • Stop constant threats against Iran (voted against declaring IRG a terrorist organization)
  • Begin direct talks with Iranian leadership without preconditions
  • Offer incentives for ending the nuclear program, but increase sanctions if they don't
General Diplomacy
  • Link
  • Long involved in international affairs while in White House and Senate
  • Strongly pro-Israel
  • Link
  • Strengthen non-proliferation agreements; replace with an even stronger treaty
  • Continue working with North Korea through the six party talks
  • Encourage Russia to work with us on a number of the current international issues
  • Push for UN and NATO intervention in Darfur and Uganda
  • Link
  • Pushes for a two state solution in Israel/Palestine
  • (Re)Open consulates and embassies worldwide, specifically in Africa
  • Double funding to fight global poverty
  • Strengthen NATO
  • Secure loose nuclear material
  • Strengthen non-proliferation treaties through automatic sanctions


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