Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Break Down of the Issues - Part 3

Domestic Policy

Domestic policy will be broken up into numerous sections as the candidates go in depth on plans for numerous topics. Check out part 1, part 2, part 4, part 5 part 6 and part 7. Again, all of these policy statements are taken from the candidates' campaign websites.

In this post I also want to make a request. Science has been the 800 lb gorilla in the room for the past several years. The candidates and the debates, unfortunately, give only passing mention of the real issues in science today. This is why I support the call for a full science debate this presidential election cycle. Please join me and thousands of others in supporting this debate.

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Science and Technology
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Research and Funding
  • Increase NSF, DOE's Office of Science, and DOD funding 50% over 10 years
  • Increase NIH funding 50% in 5 years, 100% in 10 years
  • Require 8% of federal research funding go to "high risk" studies
  • Have agencies create innovation awards, along the lines of the X-Prize
  • Make the Research and Experimentation tax credit permanent
  • Include diversity criteria when awarding grants to give women and minorities greater opportunities
  • Make the Research and Experimentation tax credit permanent
  • Increase NIH/NSF funding
  • Make the Research and Experimentation tax credit permanent
  • Double research agency funding
  • Tax incentives to increase broadband deployment
  • No clear net neutrality stance since starting her campaign, did co-sponsor legislation before the campaign with Senator Obama meant to enforce it.
  • 100% broadband coverage by 2010
  • FCC must enforce net neutrality
  • Universal broadband coverage through the auspices of the Universal Service Fund
  • Increase the minimum speed that qualifies as broadband from the current 200 kbps
  • Supports net neutrality; co-sponsored a bill with Senator Clinton meant to enforce it
  • Protect personal privacy through new regulations on surveillance and data collection
  • Create "Public Media 2.0" to promote internet safety, etc. to children
  • Require distribution of tools to allow parents to regulate internet content
Please see also my previous post on education as the candidates also intend to increase science and math education