Thursday, April 10, 2008

And that is where you will stay

Yesterday, during a question and answer session, McCain was asked whether he would give up his seat in the Senate for his presidential run. The idea was to have the special election to replace him while his name was on the ticket for president to give his successor a better chance, rather than waiting until after the presidential election.

His response, very prescient in my view, was “I will go back and think about it, and think about the scenario that you just described,” adding, “right now my intentions are to remain in the United States Senate.”

Those are my intentions as well.


Distributorcap said...

lieberman did the same thing in 00 as did kerry

i cant fault him for hanging on -- maybe deep down he knows he is a sacrificial lamb

one can hope

John J. said...

Oh, I know they did. I'm not criticizing them for not leaving the Senate. Obama or Clinton should do the same. I just enjoyed the "my intentions are to remain in the United States Senate," as his response.