Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One hour into the debate

The questions thus far have been:

  • Will either of you pledge to take the other as VP?
  • Clinton, do you think Obama is electable?
  • Clinton, are Obama's comments in San Fransisco going to damage him?
  • Obama, are your ties to Rev. Wright a liability?
  • Obama, why don't you wear a flag pin?
  • Clinton, how do you address the trustworthiness issue?
  • Obama, do you think the comments of a former associate (something about bombings, it was the first I had heard of it) reflect on you?

So far, despite these relentless attacks from his opponent and the moderators, only one person has tried to talk about real issues we are facing.


Rehctaw said...

Play by play of my viewing.


Must be an old Seinfeld rerun on somewhere...

FranIAm said...

I don't even know what to say any more...

So sad. So wrong. How did we get to this awful place in our country?

Is there a way back?

Vigilante said...

In An Open Letter to Charlie Gibson and George Stephanapoulos from Will Bunch of the The Philadelphia Daily News: Bunch said that, prior to the debate, George Stephanapoulos,

appeared on the radio with conservative talk radio host Sean Hannity, and that you said you were "taking notes" when he urged you to ask a question about Obama's supposed ties to a former member of the Weather Underground - which in fact you did. With all the fabulous resources of ABC News at your disposal, is that an appropriate way for a supposed journalist to come up with debate questions, by pandering to divisive radio shows?

And Bunch finishes his open letter:

This. Must . Stop. Tonight, if possible. I thought that we had hit rock bottom in March 2003, when we failed to ask the tough questions in the run-up to the Iraq war. But this feels even lower. We need to pick ourselves up, right now, and start doing our job - to take a deep breath and remind ourselves of what voters really need to know, and how we get there, that's it's not all horserace and "gotcha." Although, to be blunt, I would also urge the major candidates in 2012 to agree only to debates that are organized by the League of Women Voters, with citizen moderators and questioners. Because we have proven without a doubt in 2008 that working journalists don't deserve to be the debate "deciders."

Charlie, I'm going to sign off this letter the way that you always sign off the news, that "I hope you had a great day."

Because America just had a horrible night.