Sunday, April 27, 2008

'Nuff Said

Courtesy Blue Gal


real world said...
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John J. said...

I do not accept racist comments on my site. You can take it somewhere people want to listen to it.

your pal said...

john j,

Is it your opinion that the governments of African nations are filled with honorable people who put their citizens first?

your pal said...

john j,

P.S. It's clear you don't understand the extreme racism of your own choice of photos. You are obviously calling the US a racist nation filled with people who kill black African children for the sake of their expensive cars.

When you put the responsibility for the fate of black African children in the hands of the US, you are stating that Africans do not have what it takes to manage their own affairs. That's another way of acknowledging the old Cecil Rhodes dictum "The White Man's Burden," and the concept of Noblesse Oblige.

In other words, no one thinks less of blacks than you.

John J. said...

I do not make blanket statements about an entire continent.

This picture is designed to show the difference in mindsets Americans have compared to countries around the world. Americans find $50k+ SUVs a necessity; people in other countries find $0.25 per meal food a necessity and they can't afford it. I make no statements beyond that. It is supposed to make you think about what you spend your money on and think is a requirement. Your inability to see this speaks very much about you.

your pal said...

john j, you can believe what you want about what YOU think your paired image projects. But you have no control over the thoughts of viewers.

Your paired photos project a visual non-sequitur. Dead black African children have no connection to American consumption. That's one point.

Americans do not take food or prosperity from Africa and leave Africans destitute.

Only a small number of Americans drive SUVs. A tiny, almost insignificant number of Americans drive Cadillac Esplanades. However, the Esplanade is popular with black car buyers. Very popular. The Esplanade is the SUV of choice for image-conscious young black males.

Hence, it is easy to interpret your photos as an attack on the misplaced priorities of American blacks when black African children are dying of malnutrition and various easily preventable diseases.

Then, the Cadillac Esplanade is a well made vehicle that represents the good hard work of unionized American auto-workers. It is your goal to shame those workers for building a desirable product?

I'll bet you that every leader of an African thugocracy has at least one Escalade in his garage.

Since the leaders of African nations have a long and unbroken record of ripping off their countries until they are driven from office, you can be sure that their priorities do not include feeding the children and fighting disease.

Maybe you don't know that Zimbabwe is going down the toilet. Mugabe the thug has destroyed a formerly functioning economy. Now the country is a mess and people are beginning to starve. Why? Because he is a corrupt and incompetent dictator. A racist too. In case you didn't know, his hatred of whites is the cause of the country's problems.

You said Americans think expensive SUVs are a necessity.

What is this ridiculous claim based on? There are over 300 million Americans. How many own SUVs? There are about 125 million motor vehicles registered in the US. A very small percentage are SUVs. Furthermore, many SUVs are not large, and many get decent gas mileage. That means about 25 mpg.

Anyway, your personal view of the photos you posted shows an unfortunately superficial perspective.

Food is never in short supply in countries with democratic, capitalistic, pluralistic governments and societies.

Like I said previously, your photos project the notion that black Africans are incompetent at everything and need help to survive from the white world, while Americans know how to work cooperatively and spread prosperity throughout the country.

As for myself, I have a high mpg car which rarely leaves the driveway because I use the NY City subway for most of my traveling.